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Children have been tested before and after learning the times tables using the Rhymes Tables Times Tables™ system. Prior to the training they averaged 18 correct answers out of 30. This is a reflection of whatever system, schooling, math help, or exposure the individual child had with the times tables. After an hour of math help using the Kids Times Tables method, they averaged 29 out of 30! Kids Times Tables is an effective way to teach and get results teaching the times tables. Many parents have been able to teach the system in one hour. For many kids it is often best to teach the system in three 20-minute sessions due to short attention spans. Even if the student has special learning needs, we think you'll be impressed with the results because this system seems to capture their special, creative abilities. We have found that math help that is fun and easy, is more effective and long-lasting.

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This is what parents and educators are saying…

“This is amazing! I watched my kid as he learned the Rhymes Tables and WOW! He got it right the first time.The memory hooks with pictures and cartoons is a fabulous idea.” (Gale, Mom) “I’m a 62 year-old woman who could never remember the multiplication tables. I did poorly in math and failed constantly in school. Now after all these years I sat down last night and within a half hour I learned a much needed eight times tables. Thank you so much for showing me it is never too late to learn. I am now starting through your program this summer to teach my grandson who is having problems learning as well. 8×8 of the Rhymes Tables opened the door to my life. Thanks Again.” (Mrs. Miller, Ft. Myers, Florida) “Olivia (4 years old) seems to really enjoy the short stories, and even laughs at some of the silliest ones. I am excited to see her first moment of discovery when she catches the correlation between the stories and the multiplication tables. She already commented about the numbers page, how the numbers and objects in the same box rhyme within the Rhymes Tables.” (Lora Lee, Mom) “I have never seen anything that works so fast. My daughter Aubrey had special needs in learning math and qualified to have a State funded tutor who worked with her 3 times a week. She hated doing anything with math. Rhymes Tables taught her the 12′s times tables in only 10 minutes. I wish we had this system earlier. It would have been so much easier to teach her the other multiplications.WOW! This is a great system.” (Alison, mother of Aubrey age 10) “The greatest memories in the world are created using mnemonics. This Rhymes Tables system uses mnemonics. It works.” (Ron, father of 10) “Parents who home school will love this. It’s easy to use and very fun. Rhymes Tables is the fastest way I’I’ve seen to teach times tables and it’s very affordable.” (Pamela, educator)

This is what children are saying…

“I think this is lots of fun. Mom was using Rhymes Tables to my older brother and she didn’t know I was watching. I know a lot of my times tables now and I am only in kindergarten.” (Jacob, age 6, Kindergarten) “I had learned most of my times tables but I hated math. I had real trouble when it came to my 12′s. I did not know any of them. Using Rhymes Tables I learned all my 12′s in just 10 minutes.” (Aubrey, age 10) “This is FUN. I really like the stories. They are funny. It is fast! I think I could teach this to my little brother and he is only in 1st grade.” (Kylee, 3rd grade, age 9) “I hated math and times tables were awful. But now that I know Rhymes Tables, it’s easy to do math. I think the stories are funny and weird. I like them.” (Hunter, age 9, 3rd grade) “To do my times tables I had to skip count, or guess and I didn’t know them and I hated math. It was a million times harder back then. I didn’t even like to go to school. And I got bad grades. I hated it when Mom and Dad tried to teach me the times tables the OLD WAYS. Even the songs and other rhymes didn’t work. I usually got the problems wrong. Then mom taught me the times tables using Rhymes Tables. I loved it. It was so easy. I can do any of the times tables and my math grades are so much better. It’s a million times easier. It even helps me do division too. I have taught some of my friends this way and they like it.” (Caleb, age 9, 3rd grade)