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Classroom Edition


Mainly for classroom settings.

Product Description

Classroom Edition contents:

  • Four (4) full color 64-page Flip Charts containing fun, interactive cartoon stories. Useful for small or individual groups and/or for student check-out. The Flip Charts are UV coated, dry erase marker-friendly, durable, and cleanable.
  • Small Rhyming Number Chart – Included on the back of each flip chart showing the rhyming words and pictures for the multiplication facts 1-12.
  • Large, Full Color Rhyming Number Chart – Shows the rhyming words and pictures for the multiplication facts 1-12.
  • Coach’s Manual – Outlines three 20 minute lessons on how to teach math facts in school using the Rhymes Tables™ method.
  • Large Teacher’s Edition of the coach’s manual with additional instruction on transparency use.
  • Thirty (30) Student Check List/Progress Charts – Keeps track of a child’s progress to teach math facts in school using Rhymes Tables.
  • Multiplication Times Tables Sheet – A matrix with all 144 multiplication problems and answers.
  • A Rhymes Tables Practice Sheet – Reviews the Rhymes Tables stories.
  • 101 Ways to Praise Your Child Sheet- 101 positive words and actions to encourage and motivate a child to succeed.
  • 30 Multiplication Tests- Sample tests to practice the multiplication times tables. (These may be duplicated.)
  • Test Answers- Answers to the sample multiplication test.

The classroom edition will give a teacher essentially four copies of the personal edition that can be shared throughout the class, and even checked out for home use if desired.


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