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Overcome mental blocks when Teaching Multiplication Tables

You can overcome mental blocks when teaching multiplication tables. Some children have had too many bad experiences trying to learning the multiplication times tables. Maybe the block happened when the child was put out into the hall to study lists of numbers and figures, or they were embarrassed during a verbal quiz in front of class. Regardless of the reason, using Kids Times Tables, you can take a detour around the child’s mental block. In fact, even if the child is firmly objecting to learning the times tables, you can use this system, with a twist.

Here’s how: 1) Find a way to just teach several stories up front. Wait to teach the child what the characters represent. For example, don’t explain up front that a skate represents the number 8. See if you can assist the child to learn at least 10 stories. That will be 1/3 of the 30 stories. Promise a reward if they can just humor you with this strange activity. Once they know the initial set of stories (e.g. Skate tosses Skate over the sticks and out the door), then make a big deal about how they are so smart, and you know they can totally learn anything. Use language appealing to the child. Next, teach the child what the characters represent. For example, explain that the skate is 8, sticks is 6, and door is 4. Explain they have just learned 8 x 8 = 64. Go over each story they have already learned, showing them the progress they have made.

Show them the paperwork that goes with the Kids Times Tables kit, so they can understand their progress. Be patient. Use the document abundantly, “101 Ways to Praise Your Child” that is included in the kit. If the child love to be photographed or video-taped, consider using the “Teach Times Tables with Action” concept in another blog post.

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