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Hot Potatoe Multiplication Game

When working with 5 to 8 years olds try this FUN game. “Hot Potatoe”. One child starts holding a favorite toy or stuffed animal and says the 1st number in a sequence, then they pass it to the next child, who then has to say the next number in the sequence counting in 2s, 3, 5s, 10s etc.  Have FUN music playing then stop it and see [...]

Tips for Times Tables

Tips for Times Tables
The Best Trick for FAST learning. Every multiplication has a twin, which may be easier to remember. Always put the smallest number first. For example if you forget 8×3, you might remember 3×8. That way, you only have to remember half the table. 8×3=24  3×8=24″

Teach Times Tables in one hour?

two elves learning their times tables with action and fun
You can Teach Times Tables in One Hour.  We do find that many children (and adults) have a shorter attention span.  Maybe it’s the conditioning we get by watching TV, since there is typically a commercial break about every 15-20 minutes.  So if you’re working with someone, perhaps just go for 20 minutes and then take a break.  Com [...]

Overcome mental blocks when Teaching ...

elf overcoming his mental blocks when learning the times tables
You can overcome mental blocks when teaching multiplication tables. Some children have had too many bad experiences trying to learning the multiplication times tables. Maybe the block happened when the child was put out into the hall to study lists of numbers and figures, or they were embarrassed during a verbal quiz in front of class. Regard [...]

Use Taste to Teach the Times Tables

one running elf
The three main modalities of learning are: Sight, Sound, and Kinesthetic (touch).  If you can get all three modes working together, that will improve results. The more modes you can use, the better.  Can “Taste” be a mode of learning?  Why not?  Haven’t you learned to like certain foods because of taste, texture, flavor, etc [...]

Teach Times Tables with Action

You can Teach Times Tables with Action.  There are three main modalities of learning: Sight, Hearing, and Action (going through the motions).  The action method is also called kinesthetic.  When some people learn a new song, they can do really well by reading and looking at the notes.  Others can learn a song just by hearing it a couple of ti [...]