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About the Founder

Larissa Powell, founder of Kids Times Tables, has used her experience as a mother of four children and involved member of the education in her community to make a helpful product to teach the times tables effectively. Larissa was a founder of Timpanogos Academy Charter School, and Legislative VIP Member of the PTA at the Cedar Ridge Elementary School from 2002-2003. She was also the founder of Lincoln Academy (charter school) and continues to serve on its board. Additionally, Larissa has been awarded a patent for Rhymes Tables from the US Patent Office.

About Kids Times Tables

The Rhymes Tables Times Tables™ was inspired by our oldest son, who was 8 years old at the time. Even though he is a bright kid, he had difficulty learning the times tables and was quickly falling behind in third grade math. The traditional rote learning flash card methods were not working, and we were getting frustrated. In desperation we looked at the alternative teaching methods, but found that they were no better. Nothing was working.

Finally Larissa felt inspired to create a new system, and it worked! Her system was fun and highly engaging, and as word spread about its success, our family, friends, and even the neighborhood kids all wanted to use this new learning method. Larissa is grateful to God for the inspiration in creating this system. There was success and excitement from the very beginning, creating an upward cycle that fed success with more success. This was in stark contrast with the downward spiral we had experienced earlier with other methods. We soon realized other parents were in the same predicament we had been in. We saw their struggles. We saw students sitting in school hallways getting drilled with flash cards with bored, frustrated expressions. The tutor or teacher typically had a determined or desperate expression. We knew we had something that the world deserved to experience! It was time to share it with others.
Our son described above has now graduated from high school. He has gone on to take Geometry, Trigonometry and even Calculus. Thousands of Rhymes Tables kits have been sold to numerous parents and educators in various countries around the world.